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EQ Accelerator (Self-paced Online Program)

The EQ Accelerator online program simplifies emotional intelligence so you gain more awareness and learn key EQ basics to build strong relationships and positive habits.


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EQ Accelerator (Online Program + Coaching)

Accelerate your leadership potential by adding 4 private and confidential individual coaching sessions to the self-paced program. 

The 30-minutes sessions are spaced over 10 weeks to help you see results.

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EQ Accelerator (Online Program + Executive Coaching)

Accelerate your leadership potential even further by adding  8 individualized sessions to the self-paced program. 

The 30-minutes sessions are spaced over 12 weeks to help you see results.

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Teams work best they work towards a common goal using a common language

Desire2Lead has been utilizing the Everything DiSC® Suite of products for close to 10-years with client companies to empower individuals and teams to develop a deeper awareness of their motivators, stressors, and priorities.

Everything DiSC® is the leading suite of DiSC®-based corporate training and assessment solutions to help people at any level of an organization or industry by effectively understanding themselves and others.

Through a common language that elevates the effectiveness of communication and teamwork, Everything DiSC® strengthens relationships, improves productivity, and creates healthier and more productive workplaces.

Build strong teams with Everything DiSC®

Develop leaders with a high emotional intelligence quotient with Everything DiSC® Agile EQ.

With the DiSC® of tools, you can design a culture where everyone can collaborate using a common language to achieve collective goals and deliver results.

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Build trust & cohesion with 5 Behaviours®

Develop the foundational behaviours of trust and accountability with 5 Behaviours® team-building.

The facilitated session helps you build provide leaders with the skills to work through difficult situations to effectively navigate conflict.

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What is EQ-i 2.0? 

EQ-I 2.0 is an emotional intelligence self-evaluation tool that measures the interaction between the individual and the surrounding environment.
It’s possible to develop better leaders, better relations, communicate in a better way, make more effective relations and increase stress resistance through the awareness of one's own and others’ emotions.


After taking the assessment, a report is produced that looks at 5 big areas: Self-Perception, Self-Expression, Interpersonal, Decision Making and Stress Management. Therefore, it’s possible to identify potential development areas and the best way to do it. Usually, it results in impressive improvements in performance, interaction with others and leadership potential.

EQ-i2.0 identifies these development areas and provides strategies according to individual results which makes it a development tool very effective. It’s not an end but a mean to an end, allowing to decide next steps to become a more effective leader and a stronger team member.


After taking the assessment, we will provide a 1-hour debrief and a 2-hour coaching session that looks at ways you can develop your EQ.

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